Our product offerings are not limited to those listed on this menu. Feel free to contact us for special requests.

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Breakfast Items

Fresh fruit with streusel topping or chocolate chip

Light, fluffy and buttery filled with fresh seasonal fruit or a combination of milk and bittersweet chocolate chunks

Classic Coffee Cake
A sour cream coffee cake with seasonal fruit + brown sugar oat streusel

Almond Coffee Cake
Our breakfast cake with a light almond flavor topped with fresh seasonal fruit and a brown sugar oat streusel topping

English Muffins
Plain, caramelized onion, cinnamon raisin, or cranberry orange

Coconut Macaroon Granola
Our slightly sweetened granola with coconut macaroon chunks, sunflower seeds and almonds baked in

Nutella Stuffed Banana Bundt
Banana bread with a Nutella center topped with a drizzle of chocolate and pecan pieces

Slightly sweetened pie dough filled with seasonal fruit

Quick Bread Mini Loaves
Zucchini, lemon or pumpkin

Sticky Buns
Fluffy sweet dough, spiced date filling, brown sugar glaze + pecans

Classic Viennoiserie pastry w/ buttery, flaky layers


Mexican Chocolate Mudslide Cookies (Gluten Free)
Fudgy cookies made with Mexican and bittersweet chocolates, with cinnamon and a pinch of chili powder, finished with white + bittersweet chocolate chunks

Crunchy Peanut Butter Cookies
Peanut butter cookies with housemade honey roasted peanuts baked in

Chocolate Chip Sea Salt Cookies
Chewy cookie with chocolate chunks topped with Maldon salt

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Classic soft oatmeal raisin cookie with a hint of fresh ginger

Sugar Cookies
Various shapes and decorated to order

Ginger Molasses Cookies
Soft ginger molasses cookie made with a fresh ginger syrup

Lactation Cookies
A cookie for new moms with nutrients to help produce milk - chocolate chip, oats, flax, Brewers yeast, and a little peanut butter

Pb & J Cookie Sandwiches
Crunchy Peanut butter cookie filled with seasonal pate de fruit gelee

French Macarons (Gluten Free)
Classic macaron with seasonal flavors

Coconut Macaroons (Gluten Free)
Coconut macaroons filled with sweetened coconut flakes, chewy on the inside, with a golden brown, crunchy outside


Various flavors available, made wiith nuts, caramel swirl, or coconut macaron topping

White Chocolate Blondies
White chocolate blondie with either chocolate chunks or nuts

Snickerdoodle Blondies
White chocolate, cinnamon swirl topped with cinnamon sugar

German Chocolate Bars
Dark chocolate shortbread crust, topped with a filling of chocolate, coconut and pecans

Lemon Bars
Sweet shortbread crust topped with a tangy lemon filling

Seasonal Fruit Bars
Example flavors: Strawberry rhubarb, coconut macaron,...

Rice Krispy Treats
Classic Rice Krispy treats with various mix-ins!


Custard interior cake enclosed with a thin caramelized shell. Example Flavors: Vanilla bean, chai, Thai tea, coffee

Rice Krispy Balls
Bite sized Rice Krispy treats with chocolate chunks, m&m, or peanut butter

Cheese Cakes
Vanilla bean cheesecake, graham cracker crust topped with fresh fruit

Hand Pies
Flakey pie crust filled with seasonal fruit filling


Various Types
Focaccia (full or 1/2 sheet), potato or sweet potato buns (sandwich or dinner rolls), brioche loaves, burger buns, baguettes & more...


Upside Down Cake
8" round, light sponge cake topped with seasonal fruit

Cheesecake Flan (Gluten Free)
8" creamy cheesecake topped with a caramel glaze and seasonal fruit

Individual Cheesecake Flan
Creamy cheesecake coated in a caramel glaze finished with seasonal fruit served on top a shortbread crust

Orange Chocolate Cake (Gluten Free)
Thin layers of a flourless orange almond cake layered with a bittersweet chocolate ganache and caramelized white chocolate ganache

Flourless Chocolate Cake Bites (Gluten Free)
Rich, fudgey chocolate cake